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On February 11, 2016, the 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Second Skin Foundation was launched EXCLUSIVELY for Evine on Evine’s Birthday Bash. As a big fan of 100% Pure’s fruit pigmented makeup line, I knew I was going to be ordering it. This new Second Skin foundation contains olive squalane as it’s ground-breaking ingredient.


Squalane, not to be confused with squalene which is extracted from the liver of sharks acquired via hunting, is an oil naturally produced by the body that acts as a barrier between our skin and the environment, a barrier that protects the skin and locks in moisture. Of course, as you go past your thirties the production of this oil slows down to a point where not enough is produced to keep your skin in optimal condition.

Squalane was discovered to naturally occur in olives and the rest is skincare history.

The foundation in its olive squalane goodness helps fight visible signs of aging, is a foundation and primer in one, makes your skin look flawless and the color is buildable. You know how when you wear foundation, and after a few hours your skin starts looking oily? Well the Second Skin foundation will make your skin glow, not shine!

My set arrived before the estimated delivery date, which with my luck meant the set arrived shortly after I got home from getting my face sugared, not even kidding! No makeup goes on my skin for 24 hours after I get sugared, and I understand this is 100% Pure we’re talking about but I still would rather play it safe.

Second Skin Foundation: The Verdict

After the wait was over, it was finally time!

The color, Medium (Golden Peach), was too light for my skin so I ordered a shade darker (had to wait another week-oh the anticipation!!), Tan (Toffee) which turned out still too light but also ashy. On a side by side swatch, both colors appear to be a similar shade except one is warm and the other is cool. Out of the two, the Medium goes better with my currently Neutral-Warm skin BUT it’s much lighter than my skin tone.

100% pure second skin foundation in Geisha
It would’ve been perfect if I wanted to channel a Geisha

Since neither color was a good fit, I did not leave the foundation on long enough to be able to vouch for the glow VS shine claim nor the buildability of the color. Application was smooth so definitely no primer needed, a little goes a long way so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth of product. I couldn’t stop touching my skin, it felt so incredibly soft. It’s just too bad neither color worked.

As much as I would have liked for the 100% Pure Second Skin Foundation to work out, it was just not for me. I will say though, if 100% Pure ever does sell this foundation on their website, hopefully they have many more shades available like they do for their other foundations.

Did you try this foundation? What do you think about it?

17 thoughts on “Second Skin Foundation by 100% Pure

  1. Very nice review! I don’t usually wear foundation because I ride a bike to work and it usually falls off my face if I do by the time I get there. However, I do use BB cream when I go out. It’s not like foundation as it does not cover imperfections, but it gives my face a nice glow. 🙂

  2. i have never tried this foundation and I usually stick to one product. For a person with a darker skin tone I find it hard to find a foundation that is both good for my skin (dry and sensitive), as well as the right colour. I had not heard of squalene prior to reading this.

  3. To be honest I don’t know much about fashion and make up but now I know a little, thanks for the education

  4. I love 100% pure cosmetics! It’s all I wear now, except for mascara. (I’m still a L’oreal girl for mascara that’s long and stays). Have you tried their rose body butter? Amazing!

  5. I like your sense of humor! You give a fabolous review about this beauty product. Although I’ve never heard about it before but but your review help me to know this product better.

  6. I love discovering new cosmetic lines and this is one I have not come across before. I am in need of a new foundation so 100 pure would definitely be a worthwhile investment to make.

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