Finding about me

This WOULD happen to only me:

I have talked with a couple of fellow bloggers and it really inspired to me to stop neglecting my blog. That sounds awful now that it’s written LOL. I wanted to write but life had been crazy and my coping mechanism is shutting away from everything but funny memes. And chocolate.

While talking to one of them over brunch last week, I thought, “I need to write an ‘About me’ before writing more posts”. Limited thinking, I know. I just wanted to have that “About Me”, si o si!

This morning I wake up go Mexican mom on myself: “Fregaos, Diana- it’s been a solid week and you STILL haven’t written that ‘About Me’? You’re gonna write it today before you get ready for that play-date!”

I write, and edit and write some more and edit some more. I’m not really 100% happy with what I churned out, but I have to get things going to this “About Me” has to go LIVE, TODAY!

I log into my dashboard and go to add my “About Me” and what do I see?


I’m not even going to get mad because it’s much better one than the one I composed an hour ago. Lol.


Just a reminder to take inventory of what you already have!



For your patience, for sticking around. I am working on a few blog posts that I’m excited to share with you. Just wanted to get the about me out of the way haha.




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