Hello! Oh! Oh! Oh! (first blog post)

With this being my first blog post and the month of May having a special place in my heart, I was actually aiming to make this post before midnight BUT today (all weekend too) had been an extremely busy day and by the time I got around to this task, my laptop took it’s sweet time to load the page so now it’s already June 1st (12:01 AM). Oh well! It’s just a few minutes past, it never hurts to be fashionably late.

It’s good that it happened this way, I had fallen into the vicious cycle of overthinking what my first blog post would be about before finally deciding to make a short and sweet introductory “HELLO!” one so as to post something before 11:59 PM May 31st. And now I’m writing comfortably, not feeling any pressure. It’s all good. It’s allllllll goooood.

WordPress and all of this is all still so new to the technologically-challenged me. It’s almost like trying to pick up a new language. This website is currently a blank slate so I’ll be working on it and hopefully sooner than later, it will go from blah to ooh-la-la (it rhymes!).

Til next time!

first blog post
Hello kitty + peacock feathers = pure awesomeness



P.S.: There’s random pics if you click on the hyperlinked word(s). Hyperlinking seems the best way to show you pictures without them being plastered all over the page especially since this post isn’t lengthy.