Update + What I do on school days

Hey y’all!!

It’s been a preeetty good minute since I’ve published a blog post. Let me fill you in real quick!:

Updated then sold my house. Found *THE* house after 6 months of avid searching. Firstborn, LL, kiddo started school.  Yours truly became a soccer mom. Got our first pet as a family. Completed my braces treatment (Adult braces for the win- yassss!). Visited El Paso, TX. Second-born, LM, started school. We are also doing part-time homeschooling.

So there ya go! I know I’ve been neglectful but not ridiculously neglectful. See, I managed to renew my domain and hosting plans in time and squeezed in a little time to change the aesthetic of my website. See? I’m bad but not that bad, ha!

School Days

When the kids started school in August, I was suddenly left with a few hours to myself . Let me tell you, that left me feeling naked and in limbo. My kids go with me EVERYWHERE so I was like a feather in the wind, I did NOT know what to do with my time the first week.

Since the kids were in school for only 5 hours, it seemed pointless to drive 30+ minutes home only to make two additional 30+ minute commutes. Doing some quick math- that would put me at 2+ hours per school day spent driving! Madness!

On school days, I tend to stay in the area. Sounds crazy, I know! 5 hours seems like a lot, but time flies when you’re getting things done.  I usually coordinate errands, appointments, groceries, planning and other miscellaneous tasks for this 5-hour block of time.

It’s not all work

Every once in a while, I’ll take breather and look at home decor or clothes. I noticed my new wardrobe pieces are more cohesive than those  I’ve purchased in the past. Shopping with Irish twins and trying keep them from knocking things/each other down or running off and getting lost led me to buy clothes that usually ended up in the donation cabinet.

Obviously, multitasking was and is not my forte!

Going to a restaurant or cafe as a party of one usually gets me a seat at the bar area or at the smallest table the establishment has. While that doesn’t bother me, it is not my ‘thing’ so I either pack a lunch or order take-out.

So that’s the gist of it, y’all! All in all, I feel at peace with where I’m at right now. I’m taking care of myself, my family and my home. 🙂






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