Weekend Road Trip!

Hey y’all!

The past few weeks have been quite busy to say the least, last week being the busiest and it ended with a random road trip to Galveston, TX on the weekend (spontaneous, you know how I do! well… most of the times, ha!)

Food for the soul

What a blast! I love traveling. I love driving. You can see the scenery changing. You can get the “feel” of the towns/cities you are passing. You have no choice but to be in the now. You can’t distract yourself or kill time with cleaning, TV (catching up on my novela, El Clon), Pinterest, or thinking what you’re going to cook for the next meal. It’s just you and the road, getting to your destination. It is so meditative to me.

The overall experience just breathes life into you. You get to appreciate everything that meets your field of vision. The trees, the sky, the clouds, the bodies of water, the wildlife on the side of the highway, the city skylines. You know, all that good stuff that you usually (unintentionally) take for granted when you’re buzzing around like a busy bee.

Dinner by the beach, then off to the beach

Upon arriving Galveston we went straight for dinner to Tortuga Mexican Kitchen, a restaurant across the street from the beach. We sat in the patio and had a good view. Palm trees included. The shrimp and cheese stuffed fried peppers were so yummy!

road trip
the view during dinner

Afterward, we went for a walk on the beach and collected seashells. The kids picked out several medium/large sized seashells and stuffed them in their little pockets.  It was already night time by then and it felt so peaceful compared to the hustle and bustle going on when we were on our way to the restaurant.

There’s something soothing about hearing the waves coming up to the shore, feeling the breeze and seeing the moon with its pale glow in contrast to the darkness of the night sky. Being with my loved ones makes it all a gazillion times more wonderful.

A road trip was precisely what I needed to refresh my mind and spirit. This weekend went by quick but I enjoyed every second of it!

For now I bid you adieu,

Hasta pronto!